Digital I/O Module with CAN connection, IOC-002 (NEW)

24V digital input/output module with CAN-Bus interface
as a parallel I/O extension of control systems



With the input/output module IOC-002, control systems like i.e. Traffic Light Controller TLC-LED can be upgraded via CAN-bus with a 24V parallel-interface. With this, functional expansions like on-site-emergency control or a second redundant control path can be implemented.


  • Processing of  8 inputs and 8 outputs with 24V levels
  • Electronical disconnection of the push-pull outputs in case of overload
  • Control and communication via CAN bus
  • Operation with 24 DC (reverse polarity protection)
  • Up to 8 modules (64 I/O) addressable on the same CAN-Bus
  • Extended temperature range (-20 to +70°C)
  • Easy DIN rail installation
  • All connections pluggable with clamp blocks


Functional Description

The IOC-002 Module serves the processing of parallel digital signals with a level of 24V DC. Each level change of an input is transferred by CAN-Bus immediately and is available for all connected Bus-participants. The levels of an output can be controlled by all connected Bus-participants. The output drives the connected load independently of the chosen level (Push/Pull). To prevent short circuits and/or overloading, the outputs are monitored and switched off in an emergency. Switched off outputs are not connected to either the OV nor to the 24V potential of the supply (Tri-State). The disconnection is signalised on the CAN-Bus and is available to all the Bus-participants. Up to 8 IOC-002 can be operated on the same CAN-Bus via the addressing with DIP switch. This allows the use of up to 64 inputs and outputs. All inputs and outputs as well as the system state and the communication on the CAN-Bus are indicated on the board by corresponding LEDs.


Info - Dokumente

24V digital I/O Module with CAN connection, IOC-002 Data sheet (german)


Technische - Dokumente

IOC-002, 8 channel 24V I/O Module with CAN controle Technical Manual (german)
Dimensions of module IOC-002 Technical data sheet (german)