Traffic Data Aquisition System VIPER


The traffic data acquisition system VIPER is based on inductive loops inlaid in the lanes or on sensor technology. Both single and double loops can be evaluated. Additionally, double loop measuring and radar sensor technology allow variant vehicle classification as well as measuring of travelling speed.

The traffic data acquisition system VIPER is very compact in size and easy in use. Due to its small dimensions, it can be easily integrated almost everywhere and connection is simple via standard or system cable. The provided data supplied on LAN interface allow multiple interpretation functions and control functions. This traffic data acquisition system can be used for diverse applications and helps cutting down development time and costs considerably.


Features and typical applications

  • simple traffic counting for statistical evaluation
  • traffic measurement allowing control of flow and monitoring of extensive traffic
  • detection of motorists driving at the wrong side of motorways on acceleration lanes
    and deceleration lanes as well as on difficult lanes
  • presence detection in emergency parking bays
  • detection of traffic congestions at neuralgic junctions, at tunnel entrances  and exits
    on motorways with traffic jam signalling and alerts
  • recognition of dangerous tailback ahead of junctions and crossings
  • gap monitoring in truck lanes



Info - Documents

Traffic Data Aquisition System VIPER II Info-Flyer
Système d’acquisition de données de circulation VIPER II Info-Flyer, french


Technical Documents

Basissystem VIPER II technical datasheet, german
Système de Base VIPER II technical datasheet, french
Geometry and placing of inductive loops technical bulletin, german
Disposition COB - Loop connection and overvoltage protection technical bulletin
Connection assignment COB technical bulletin


Applikation - Documents

Traffic Data Acquisition Daemon (TDAD) Description
Traffic Data Acquisition Protocol (TDAP) Description