Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support of Own Products

Maintenance, Service and Support of individual units and smaller systems are usually carried out according to the requirements of customers provided the system is still in production. For larger systems, it is advisable to get a maintenance contract with guaranteed service.


Maintenance and Support of Older Products

Integral maintenance and all services of older traffic control systems (types T10 and T11 former von Ballmoos AG) can be covered by a special service and maintenance contract. With this, the operator of a system obtains a comprehensive solution for preservation and support for both hardware and software and the best possible operation reliability as well as system availability. This guarantees a long-term maintenance of function and value of investment.

Such a service and maintenance contract essentially contains the following:

  • Availability of general service and maintenance
  • Preservation of technical and system specific know-how
  • Storage and securing of system specific software and guarantee of revision control
  • Maintenance and storage of the necessary development and testing equipment as well as system documentations
  • Operation of the service centre
  • Possibility of system specific engineering (i.e. drop-in replacements or re-production of elements which are no longer available)


Difficult situations of system maintenance can be optimally solved with an integral service contract, I.e. Re-production with Drop-in Replacements for critical components.

Or porting of out-dated applications and visualisations which are no longer executable on current platforms and systems.

Or functional extension of software and hardware on older systems. New functions are integrated homogenously into the existing systems and their function envirement.

Or the temporary on-site repairs of components, muduls and systems.