Service and Repair Center

Repair of own Products

Repairs andmodifications of our own products are done in-house in our well-equipped electronic laboratory. We therefore guarantee an efficient an professional repair. Our customers can profit from these services without any restrictions.

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Repair of older Traffic Control Systems

Repairs of electronic components of older traffic systems (types T10 and T11 former von Ballmoos AG) are possible in our own laboratories. EETS possesses the necessary special test systems and laboratory systems, measuring equipment, and the required test software.

As a replacement for components which are no longer available, Drop-In Replacements are possible and, in special cases, electronic parts with the identical functions can be fully reproduced.

To provide these services, to obtain the complex laboratory facilities, and the preservation of the necessary know-how, we require the prior conclusion of a service- and maintenance contract (see Maintenace and Support).

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