Mission and Objectives

Today's traffic density creates high demands on the reliability of facilities and systems involved in managing individual traffic. Extreme care must be taken when designing and implementing such systems.

Our goal is to achieve the following qualities in our work:

  • Optimized functionality for the operating company
  • Maximum benefit for the user
  • Innovative conceptual design
  • Integrated and standardized systems
  • Application of the latest industrially approved  technologies
  • Open, flexible, and expandable system architecture
  • Operational stability and reliability
  • High availability and longevity
  • Low servicing costs
  • Competitive prices
  • Functional and harmonious design


Facilities dealing with traffic safety, supervision and management are supposed to work faultless even under bad environmental conditions. Well designed systems will at any time make sure that the staff operating them remains in full control.

Meeting these requirements is an enormous challenge that EETS is fully committed to. Designing our systems and applications to meet the daily requirements of safety and reliability is our ultimate ambition.